Something will grow from

all you are going though.

And it will be you.


About Us...



Changed by Fire is joining to help support the community of burn survivors & their families by contributing to their healing emotionally, psychologically & socially using alternative healing modalities.

Each treatment plan is unique to each burn survivor, because no burn injury is the same. There are so many variables for each situation that affect the outcome. Oftentimes, the plan changes and in the initial days of a severe burn it is day by day. Even when the physical injuries of the burn have healed, emotional, psychological and social challenges still exist which creates a need for support. It is up to the families of the survivor to be strong advocates to ensure the best care is being provided. Being knowledgeable on alternative healing methods will provide an additional level of support in addition to working hand in hand with the local burn centers. 





Changed by Fire focuses on advocating for burn survivors & their families to create awareness and build a community of inclusion, love & healing.

We are changing the world, one survivor at a time. Through our continued efforts to seek out and support burn survivors in Arizona, we are making a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by burns. At Changed By Fire, we believe that all people deserve to feel safe and loved; that no one should be left behind.


We are working hard to make sure that our vision becomes reality! We’re growing the AZ Walk of Courage, increasing our outreach efforts, and increasing the number of survivors we can assist year over year.

Julie's Story...

Board Of Directors


Julie Piccione
Founder + CEO


Lilly McCune

Community Liaison


Vicki Gibbs


Deborah Brandon

Creative Director


Jim Piccione